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I have been passionate about painting and drawing since I was little.


You can find my art here:

By request i draw also for You. 

Send me an E-Mail request to discover Your wishes about the drawing.  


A few years ago I discovered a new passion for myself. It arose from a situation that worried me. However, I knew full well that only I could change her. I wanted to change the situation and ordered books from Dr. Joe Dispenza, “Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself,” “Becoming Supernatural,” “Evolve Your Brain,” and “You are the Placebo.” At the same time I started his meditations. The situation was able to change for the better. Since then, meditation has been part of my morning and evening routine. This changed my entire life in an extremely positive way.  

I will never forget the day my journey to a more perfect life began.

I am grateful and overwhelmed every day by how far our minds reach and what we can achieve.

The meditations of Dr. Joe you can find on his homepage:

Dr. Joe Dispenza Retreat 
Would You like to master "the Breath".

I can train you online to reach Your full potential.

Marmoriesierter Hintergrund
Dr. Joe Dispenza on the beach

BLINDFOLDS and others 

I have many creative ideas and implement them with great joy. Most of the time it has something to do with topics that I'm currently living.

The idea for statement blindfolds came to me before a meditation retreat. The commercially available meditation masks were too boring, too heavy and uncomfortable for me. So I designed a model that is comfortable, serves the purpose of blackout and at the same time looks cool - whether worn on the face - pushed up over the forehead - hanging around the neck - on the arm between meditation segments. You just have to always look good. In addition to the headphones, they are THE meditation accessory - provided with statements about the desired feeling, a visualization goal, a name or the keywords from Dr. Joe like "One with Nothing",  Spaaace", there are no limits here. The white fonts glow in the dark.

Statement clothes: Because the right saying also fits on t-shirts or shirts. It's called "Clothes make the man". When I put on a statement shirt or shirt, it lifts my mood. I just feel good about it. A piece of clothing is also energy. We can use these in a very targeted manner and it's also a lot of fun. 

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