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Knoten in einem Seil



With muscle testing we go through the body into the subconscious. During testing, which is also known from kinesiology, it is possible to communicate directly with the subconscious. The subconscious sends weaker or stronger neurological signals to the muscles. Muscles react weakly or lock up when exposed to a negative thought. Conversely, they react strongly if the thought (stimulus) is positive. Similar to lie detectors.


PSYCH-K® Balances are carried out in the whole-brain state. The partner (client) is guided into the Whole Brain state with the help of the muscles. This is also known from kinesiology. This is the state in which the two halves of the brain function congruently. This means that positive agreements can be implemented directly into the subconscious, so that new synapses (connections) can be created in the mind and negative thoughts, beliefs and behavior patterns can be overwritten.


PSYCH-K® balances were developed to create balanced communication between both halves of the brain. Muscle testing is used to determine which balance, which process (posture or movement) should be used to achieve the desired change.


Before each use of PSYCH-K® or any balance, permission is asked using the muscle test. The muscle test would be weak if a PSYCH-K® application or balance on a specific topic is not appropriate, or if the target agreement is not formulated correctly.


After every balance, the so-called "celebration" is important. By rejoicing or celebrating we give the brain another important impulse to consolidate the goal statement and activate the new synapses in the brain.


It is possible to balance on behalf of someone. Muscle testing can also be carried out on a substitute basis. This is possible because we are connected in the superconscious. So a kind of radio connection is established. That's why it is possible to use PSYCH-K® online or by telephone. Before setting up the deputy, permission is asked via muscle testing. If this were to be inappropriate, the test result would be weak and the substitution would not be possible.


The Goal-statement is agreed upon before the balance and musket test. It is the desired state that you want to achieve instead of the current state.


Yes. PSYCH-K® will help you because the desired change takes place directly in the subconscious. PSYCH-K® opens doors for sustainable change in all areas of life.

Sandstrand i n Nairn schottland

PSYCH-K® and Meditation

PSYCH-K® also supports me personally in my meditations. During meditation we often reach blocked points in the energy centers. Somehow we're still too much in thinking mode. PSYCH-K® also helps to release blockages, to focus better and to find balance. My meditations have become deeper and more intense since then.

PSYCH-K® has significantly accelerated and simplified my change process, which began with daily meditations.

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