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Meditation masks

My statement blindfolds are handmade from lightly lined cotton sateen

The strap with elastic band is adjustable 

The lettering is plotted

the white elements glow in the dark

Masks are washable at 30°C

Topic/request/statement freely selectable

Unit price         CHF   75.00


The "stone bracelets" (bracelets) are handmade by me.

I only use real stones such as jasper, turquoise, tourmaline etc.

Each stone bracelet has at least one seed bead, lotus, goi or job's tears.

The natural stones are combined with lava beads, sandal, ebony, palm or veinwood beads.

The clasps shown here are statement clasps hallmarked by me. However, it works just as well with coins or other locking techniques - depending on your wishes.

Everyone has their stone or color preferences. Stones can be drawn that match your desired transformation. The possibilities are endless.

Price depending on quantity and type of stones          CHF   75.00 - 95.00  


Playing with words...also on my shirts and shirts...I LOVE IT.

What you see here is an example - a very special one for me.

The sweet little one who goes there with determination comes from a personal coaching session. This coaching was about me always feeling like “the chlii” since I was a child. I wanted to give new meaning to this previously unpleasant feeling for me. With a matching statement shirt - and lo and behold, it's now the shirt I wear when I need something to make me feel taller... and it works every time. 

For the statement T-shirts or shirts we discuss the price. 


You are interested in

...a meditation mask?

...a stone bracelet?

...statement clothes?

Channeled Art?

 We create together.

Danke für Deine Nachricht

Thank you for your request!

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