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the art of transformation

Key to Your 

BE THE CHANGE, and become happy

You would like to reach your goal as easily and quickly as possible? Sure - I felt the same way. ​


As certified PSYCH-K® Facilitator and transformation coach, my support will help you to move you forward. Together we uncover what is stored in your subconscious Mind and change it. ​


Find out how this works by reading on or contact me for a non-binding initial consultation-call. ​


About me

Certified Transformation Coach  & PSYCH-K® Facilitator

Together with my sister, I was already convinced as a child that there is more to life than what we see, that the world is not what it seems, and that reality is flexible. Like an empty canvas ready for the artist, we can create the lives of our dreams by changing our beliefs and conceptions. To this day, I have never lost the vision of our childhood. A few years ago, on the path of constant searching, I discovered a new passion, meditation. I began to delve even more intensively into quantum physics and the infinite possibilities of our mind. Thanks to meditation retreats, various transformation workshops, online courses, breath work and daily work according to the teachings of Dr. Joe Dispenza, I learned to develop myself. My training as a PSYCH-K® facilitator in Scotland and Reinach, becoming a transformative epigenetic coach, medium Workshops by Gordon Smith, along with having Nikolas as my personal coach allowed me to grow even more.

My transformation is far from over. 

I am excited and curious about EVERYTHING in life.






PSYCH-K® Advanced

Epigenetik Coach zertifikat



Now I would like to support YOU in realizing YOUR desired changes so that YOU can realize YOUR new YOU. 

With the right techniques and me as a coach, it's not that difficult to jump into happiness. 

Everything is possible!


What do YOU want to change?

Create YOUR new life!

We only use a small part of our potential.

We find changes in certain areas difficult because we believe that they cannot be overcome.

This is not the case, our possibilities for change and transformation are enormously far-reaching.


​You have a strong desire to ...

- Change beliefs and behavior patterns

- Release emotional blockages

- Overcome fears and phobias

- Strengthen your self-esteem and belief in yourself

- Find the courage to become someone new

- Transform recurring situations and find the underlying hidden messages

- Overcome learning difficulties

- Reduce stress

- Create healthy relationships

- Be successful

- Release physical and mental pain

- Dream big

You can redesign your future - it is easier than you think!





feels good, take the first step!

The most important thing in any change is always you
Yes, sometimes it takes courage.
   YOU've got this ...
...and the necessary tools.
   They are in YOU, waiting to be used.
I would be happy to accompany and coach YOU on this journey.
Together we will find out:
 - what YOU would like to change or achieve
 - What blocks are preventing YOU from moving 
                      live YOUR dreams​
                                be brave
I look forward to meeting you!


transform subconscious beliefs and patterns

We all have the full potential to design and live our lives the way we want. We can leave our old self behind and transform into the best version of ourselves.


PSYCH-K® is the easiest, fastest and most effective way to let go of old patterns and beliefs, build self-confidence, optimize relationships and improve your physical and mental health.

PSYCH-K® uses the so-called “whole-brain state”. For most of our lives, our two brain hemispheres are not congruent. In other words, each of the two works for itself. In the "whole-brain state" the two hemispheres of the brain are simply reunited using a special technique. Now the full potential of the subconscious can be exploited. Old belief patterns, stuck behaviors and blockages that we would like to change can be specifically replaced with new ones. This technique helps to initiate the process of desired change in a short period of time.

PSYCH-K® logo

PSYCH-K® was developed by Rob Williams in 1988. Together with the cell biologist and researcher Bruce Lipton, the two brought PSYCH-K® to the public.

The first years of our lives we are influenced and shaped by our environment and beliefs of our family and society.

For a long time it was assumed that we had no influence on these entrenched patterns.

Bruce Lipton and Rob Williams prove the opposite with PSYCH-K®.

Change is possible.

Rob Williams

Rob Williams

Bruce Lipton

Karin Thurnes and BRUCE LIPTON

Karin & Bruce / Workshop 2023

As a trained PSYCH-K® facilitator, I will accompany you through this exciting process.

Together we gently and effectively uncover the beliefs hidden in the subconscious and reprogram them.

A PSYCH-K® session lasts approx. 60 - 90 minutes.  Sometimes a few sessions in two to three weeks apart are needed to reflect on the change. 

Specific topics in relationships, including the relationship with ourselves or with situations (such as constellations at work, one's own health or illness, feeling at peace with people who have already died, etc.) can be addressed in relationship balance or belief balance using PSYCH-K® be solved. This can be booked as an individual or as a couple. Both Balances are beautiful and effective. With the muscle test, belief points on the body that are similar to the meridian points of acupuncture are tested in relation to the specific topic. In this way we can release what is stored in the subconscious with the balance in the whole brain state.

Vier Säulen, weiss, gelb. thiel, blau


Epigenetics, which deals with the mechanisms by which gene activity changes, shows us that our genes do not determine our fate. Environmental factors and personal experiences influence our genetic characteristics.

Nutrition, Environmental toxins, sleep behavior, physio-epigenetics and socio-epigenetics, transgenerational epigenetics and vitamin D play crucial roles in gene expression. 

Epigenetics coaching is based on the holistic optimization of all of these factors. 

Together we will find the best possible framework to activate your self-healing powers on all levels. The goal is to achieve physical, mental and spiritual balance for a happy and healthy life. 

This coaching includes various tools that YOU can use specifically in YOUR everyday life. 

Epigenetics coaching is extensive and involves multiple sessions over a period of time to achieve the best results.


What is that, actually?

We influence our gene activity every day.

Thoughts, feelings, diet, detoxification, inherited environmental adaptations from our ancestors, our social environment, as well as environmental conditions, our sleep and our exercise influence our cells and epigenomes.

Genes are turned on and off. Due to various influences, they can be read better or worse. 

Genetics provide the blueprint for our cells and thus for our body. She decides how the genes are read.In epigenetic processes, it is not the DNA itself that changes, but mechanisms that are based on the genes or dock onto the genes.

Epigenetics affects various aspects of life, such as imagination, self-image, emotional experience and unconscious actions.This explains why stress affects our genetic makeup

and why a behavior pattern can be passed down through generations.  We can specifically change the “environment” of our cells, i.e. the epigenetics. 

Quantum physics and epigenetics

In 1982 began Dr. Bruce Lipton with the study of the principles of quantum physics and their applications on his understanding of the cell's information processing systems. He conducted groundbreaking studies on the cell membrane, which showed that as these outer layer of the celle is the organic homologue of a computer chip and the cell the equivalent of the brain. His research at Stanford University School of Medicine between 1987 and 1992 revealed that the environment acting across the cell membrane controls the cell's behavior and physiology and turns genes on and off.Lipton's discoveries, which contradicted the established scientific view that life is controlled by genes, led to the emergence of one of today's most important areas of research: the science of epigenetics. Many later, his concepts and ideas have been confirmed by other researchers since then.

Schatten Mensch am Strand


Are you an artist who dreams of fully developing your potential?

Are you able to present yourself and your art the way you imagine it or are you still missing that certain something? 

Would you like to rediscover yourself and find your artistic talent?

Everyone has it because it comes from deep within the soul.

Art has many different facets.

No matter what form it is presented in, each piece of art is a unique expression of the artist's deepest inner being. We experience it every day - mostly unconsciously - in pictures, sculptures, buildings, music, film and theater.

Connect with the source, overcome inner blockages and transhape your art into the highest power you want to express. 


Ansicht Atelier und Studio Sofa


Bild mit Knopf im Seil
Engelsflügel in meinem Atelier



Be the Change Deko Foto


Impressions Coaching Studio & Atelier


PSYCH-K®/Coaching Session

Invest in Your future, You`re worth it!

Feel free to contact me for a non binding Zoomcall before we start

Individual session 

Duration approx. 90 minutes

Price per hour   CHF 150

Core-Belief or Relationship-Balance with PSYCH-K® 

duration approx. 1 hour

Price     CHF  155

Special prices for packages (3. Sessions or more)

by request

Breathwork und /oder Meditations-Support

"Erhöhe Dein Potenzial" für alle Dr. Joe Dispenza-Students

auch in 2-3er Gruppen

Preis pro Stunde CHF 117  

Workshop oder Halbtage auf Anfrage 

Intensiv Package to grow and transform

Coaching, PSYCH-K® and Support 

Offer by request

Sessions can take place in person, online or by phone.



+41 (0) 76 306 33 32

non-binding initial consultation-call

by Zoom

Whatsapp or telegramm

Vielen Dank für die Nachricht!

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